60 years of the NHS
Ordinary people tell the story

‘For me, the NHS is a miracle in itself.’

Linda Lamont and Fran McCabe, March 2010

The Report

Part I - Mass Observers’ health experiences over 60 years of the NHS

1 Hospital care, cleanliness and communications
‘Basic hygiene is not something I associate with the NHS.’

2 General practice 
‘I sincerely hope that I never need to see a doctor urgently.’

3 For better, for worse? Childbirth and maternity services
‘There were ten days’ confinement in my day; now you are sent packing as soon as you can stand.’

4 Living with long term conditions; patient support groups; mental health
‘I feel the NHS has let me down.’

5 The cyclical  history of 60 years of dental services
‘There is no NHS dentist … I do miss my dazzling smile. I look like the wickedy witch.’

6 Older people including dementia
‘With the rising number of elderly citizens, the NHS is going to face its greatest ever challenge.’

Part II - Mass Observers’ opinions about contemporary ethical and political NHS debates

7 Ethical dilemmas in health care
‘We are fortunate so much research is going on.’

8 Health information, the internet and confidentiality
‘We still need humans.’

9 Priorities, preventative health and the public health debate
‘It seems everyone has rights but not all have responsibilities.’

10 The future NHS and how to pay for it
‘The NHS may not be the “envy of the world” but it is still far better than any of the alternatives on offer.’

Part III - Authors’ summaries and messages


Photos from NHS Image Library and the Wellcome Image Library

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